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QUEENSBURY — Stores may soon be allowed to serve wine and beer in the neighborhood commercial zones in response to a proposal from The Cleverdale Country Store.

Mobile homes may also move into regular residential districts in a separate zoning change.

The Cleverdale Country Store owner is considering ways in which the store could serve its wine and locally brewed beers, which are sold by the bottle there now. She envisions visitors sipping on a new deck, enjoying the outdoors.

“We’re not considering being a tavern by any means,” said owner Meghan Cesari. “I just want to serve beer and wine with lunch and dinner. There will be no bar in here.”

She asked the town about the zoning restrictions and learned that she wouldn’t be allowed to serve alcohol unless the zone changes. But she got support from the board for her proposal.

“It doesn’t sound like a bad idea,” said Supervisor John Strough.

To make that happen, Town Board members would have to change the zone to allow taverns.

They’re considering a way in which companies could apply for a special use permit if they want to sell alcohol in the zone.

“It might solve their problem and bring a good thing to that area,” Strough said.

There is a tavern in another neighborhood commercial zone, near Aviation Road. It’s not clear how that one was approved.

But at the proposed location, commercial uses are only allowed at the corner of Cleverdale and Route 9L. Allowing taverns as a special use couldn’t lead to a proliferation of bars there, Strough said.

Town officials will draft language for the change and consider it at their next meeting. If the language is acceptable, the next step would be a public hearing.

On mobile homes, the town recently received word of a new state law that will require it to allow the homes in residential districts.

A law, passed…

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