Zone 3 council recaps public safety initiatives in South neighborhoods

Zone 3 council recaps public safety initiatives in South neighborhoods


The March 20 Zone 3 Public Safety Council meeting featured a packed room of local residents, Zone 3 officers, and city/zone officials.

 The meeting began with Zone 3 community relations Officer Christine Luffey reporting that the 19th annual “Biscuits Bingo”, held on March 4 and presented by the Pittsburgh Police, was a “home run.”

 The fundraiser for local animal organizations raised $35,421.

 The event was held at the IBEW Hall Local #5, 5 Hot Metal St ., South Side. Officer Luffey said a bigger venue will be sought next year as people were turned away this year due to overcrowding.

Next, a Mt. Washington resident reported there are two drug houses on Bailey Ave. When he walks by the houses he finds syringes. He said he would provide details after the meeting to officers.

City Councilman Bruce Kraus said there was a great police, fire, EMS, and building inspection presence at the St. Patrick’s post-parade day celebration on South Side. There were eight arrests and 70 citations, which are good numbers for a larger crowd than usual.

To a question of who cleans up after the horses during the celebration, Mr. Kraus said that has be taken into account as there is discussion about bringing county horses back.

To a question about policing the nightlife, he said Mayor Bill Peduto wants to propose creation of a seventh police zone, headquartered Downtown, that covers the South Side, North Shore/casino area, Strip District, Cultural District, and more.

Then, on weekends, officers would not be leaving Zone 3 for South Side but would be staying in the Hilltop neighborhoods.

Mr. Kraus said he supports that as it allows for more effective policing.

It is also reflective of the food/beverage industry being the strongest growing economy in the U.S. for the past 10 years, he said.

To a question of whether the city is hiring more police officers, he said there…

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