Yummy Spoonfuls Launches Education Campaign on Early Childhood Nutrition: #LoveUnprocessed

Camila Alves McConaughey and Agatha Achindu of Yummy Spoonfuls share First Foods 101 at Pump Station

“Kids need the best food, from the very first spoonful. Delicious, made-from-scratch food, bursting with yummy flavor, vibrant color and nutrition, free from harmful additives and preservatives – all parents want the best for their babies.” Agatha Achindu, Founder, Yummy Spoonfuls

Yummy Spoonfuls, the fresh-frozen, just like homemade organic food brand for baby and toddler, announced the LoveUnprocessed program today, reinforcing its commitment to provide families with the cleanest, most delicious and nutrient-dense foods possible.

Rooted in the global worldview and passion for healthful eating shared by entrepreneurs Agatha Achindu and Camila Alves McConaughey, the program will consist of educational events, an expert-led advice series, and a community rallying cry around giving all children access to fresh, unadulterated and nutritious foods. LoveUnprocessed kicks off with a First Foods 101 class hosted by The Pump Station in Santa Monica, where Camila and Agatha share their experiences with feeding their own children, and discuss the ‘Yummy’ approach to developing the budding palate. Backed up by the brand’s mission to use only whole, organic ingredients with no additives, purees, concentrates or sweeteners, and freezing the products rather than using preservatives, LoveUnprocessed stands for food the way it should, and can be. Additional classes in the series will address issues that parents face when making choices on food and nutrition, as their children grow.

“Homemade food is a birthright, not a privilege,” said Yummy Spoonfuls founder Agatha Achindu. “Kids need the best food, from the very…

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