Youth told: Be ecology warriors

Senator Juan Edgardo  Angara has called on the Filipino youth to be “environment warriors”  who can protect  and save  the planet from plunderers.

“Our youth should lead in taking concrete actions to save the environment, which is now on the verge of massive destruction because of unscrupulous people who wantonly, and with impunity, destroy and pollute our environment for their interests,” said Angara. 

He said the youth can use the social media to propagate environment protection even as he urged other sectors to conduct continuous clean up drive to rid communities of pollutant waste materials.

“Why not make use of the social media since our young generation is very much into it? He said the youth should post information about protecting the environment and climate change.”

The elders who do not know how to use the social media, Angara said, can help clean the environment and can start not using pollutants.

“We should empower our people, especially the youth, with the knowledge on climate change,” he said.

“And they should use this knowledge in convincing the government, policymakers, legislators and nongovernment organizations to come up with measures that will address climate change and save and protect mother nature,” he further said

In 2015, Angara  filed a resolution reaffirming the support of the Senate to the objectives and goals of Earth Hour and Earth Day, as well as encourages the Filipino people to observe and participate in the worldwide Earth Hour activity.

The senator has agreed with the network’s goal “to build a global citizenry fluent in the concepts of climate change and be aware of its unprecedented threat to our planet” and “to empower everyone with the knowledge to inspire action in defense of environmental protection.”

In the 16th Congress, as acting chairman of the Senate labor committee, Angara sponsored and championed in the Senate plenary the Green Jobs Act, which eventually enacted into law as…

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