Your Perfect Log “Dream” Home

Almost everyone has a concept of the house of their dreams. You do not have to go far to find newspapers masterpieces of the house, and not just a log cabin over a century ago. television documentaries have wooden houses like several million, which was built for Barbara Mandrell and her family. With the increasing number of wooden houses, it stands to reason that more people are realizing that you can have the home of your dreams of being a wooden house.

People know they can be very large. People know they can get all the luxuries you want in your log home. This ancient form of architecture can do anything. Most of these wooden houses are built not only. They were designed by an architect, like any dream home. The questions are, where to start and what you need to know to design and build a wooden house? This is where the design of wooden houses can be a bit more complex than the typical architecture of the house more.

First, you will need to have an idea of what you want your dream log home that is. Try to imagine all the details. Try actually see the plant. Is it all on one floor? So imagine the details. View refrigerator, bathroom with tub, cabinets and closet doors. Imagine the size, style and quantity of furniture you want in it. Some tips to help with his image are visiting wooden houses and take your camera model. Visit start selling houses and take your camera.

Do not forget to ask first if it’s okay to take pictures. You can also get brochures and magazines and cut out pictures of wooden houses and retail. Be sure to take pictures and cut out pictures of things you do not like or want, not just what you want. Photos separated into what you like and what’s not interested in including in your dream log home. Sketches and take notes is also very important.

Once you think you know exactly what you want, contact an architect or house designer who can help you put it all together in a way that will be needed to guide those who choose to actually build your dream log home. When deciding on an architect, keep in mind that, often, architects specialize in certain styles of architecture of wooden houses. It may be worth the effort to get an idea of how an architect suits your individual style preferences.

Your second step is to decide which method you want to build your dream log home that is. There are a variety of styles. An important decision separately, but together with your choice of style is the type of wood you want your house is made of. Most commonly used are cypress, cedar and Douglas fir, but there are other options. Each type or “species” of wood has its own character, as the grain.

As with any construction project, you should contact local building authorities for licenses and permits. Different sectors have building permission procedures, different construction requirements and in some areas you may need especially when it comes to starting engineering functions households.

If your dream home includes architecture of the wooden house,…

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