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Herald-Tribune reporter and native Sarasotan in her early 20s opines on upcoming reality show

Like many native Sarasota residents, my first reaction to the news that MTV was airing a reality show set in Siesta Key was to angrily take to Facebook.

“This is frustrating for so many reasons,” I posted in May. “Now I have to directly compare my high school experience to that of a drama-filled reality show and admit it will likely fall short.”

As someone who grew up just as reality television hit its stride, I remembered the impact of watching “Laguna Beach” during my middle school years. Seeing a group of beautiful high-schoolers jump from the beach to an expensive house to a sophisticated dinner each day, seemingly making no mention of actual classes or obligations, was discouraging, to say the least. It felt as if my life — lacking seamless editing, catchy pop song backgrounds and dramatic video cuts — could never measure up.

But now, with the rise of social media, I can confirm I’m not alone. People in Sarasota are far more angered by this show than my initial reaction, which was only to say that I was afraid it would give me an idea of what being a young adult in Sarasota should be like. Comments on the Herald-Tribune’s “meet the cast” story ranged from calling the show “dumb and pointless” to personal attacks of the show’s cast and families. Concerned residents have even started a “Boycott Siesta Key MTV” Facebook page and a local blogger’s video rant against the show went viral.

Still, many of these people do not represent the voices of the show’s intended demographic or cast. Many of these people profess to have lived in Sarasota for 30-plus years, don’t seem to particularly enjoy reality TV and perhaps remember the area with a bit too much nostalgia.

But what about 20-somethings, the actual age-group the show is following? I found one comment on my…

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