You Won’t Believe What This Mom Did After Her Teen Stopped Texting Her Back from College

The day Nicole Walters moved her 18-year-old-daughter into her college dorm, she did what a lot of parents do in the car afterwards. She cried. She was grateful for how far her daughter had come in life, and proud of how hard they worked together to get there, against the odds.

After getting back home, she and her husband tried reaching their daughter over the next few days to check on her. After several unanswered phone calls and text messages, they got right back in the car and showed up at her door.

In this humorous and now viral “oh no she didn’t”-style video, you hear Nicole sharing about the details of their surprise visit to their daughter’s room. She made it clear that she did not approve of the lack of contact.

“No you won’t, no you won’t… What you’re not fixing to do when I pay tuition, is disappear for three days. That’s not going to happen, it’s too soon,” said Nicole in the video.

She also made up a flyer with her daughter’s picture on it, asking students to contact her to report any mischief in exchange for a pizza and a Starbucks gift card. She half-joked about passing the flyer out to other students on campus at the quad as an added measure to keep her daughter in line.

Mom’s actions may seem a little harsh to some, but there’s a reason it’s important for her to make sure her daughter feels her presence in her life. Nicole and her husband recently officially adopted her and her two younger sisters. And in the last two minutes of the video, she makes a touching point about showing up.

“There’s a reason I’m doing this. She’s gonna have room to make mistakes, she’s gonna have space, but what we need her to know … She’s used to having other adults not be present in her life. She’s used to thinking that if an adult isn’t around, it’s because they don’t care. She’s used to out of sight truly meaning out of mind, and I need her to understand that when we’re not around, we still love you hard….

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