You Will Notice What We Tell You To Notice!

Demediacrats Let The Truth Go “Largely Unnoticed”

by Michael D. Hume, M.S.

Just the other day… months and months after the fact… the venerable Washington Post reported that, though it went “largely unnoticed” at the time, Islamicists were at the center of the “Arab Spring” revolutions earlier this year, including the more recent regime change in Libya.

You don’t say!

When they say “Islamicists,” The Post isn’t talking about normal, God-fearing Muslims, but the militant, terror-loving, woman-hating, 9/11-attacking, Israel-loathing MINOs (Muslims In Name Only) who are abusing one of the world’s oldest religions on a daily basis.

But what The Post probably hopes will go largely unnoticed is that, once again, they are singing from the Demediacrat hymnal by trying to change the meaning of a term – in this case, the term “largely unnoticed.” Since virtually every center-to-right media outlet in the nation (both of them) did, in fact, notice the Islamicist center of the Arab Spring (and warned of it repeatedly), the Post’s definition of “largely unnoticed” news must be “facts which, known or unknown, to include facts which are subtle in a visible-from-space kinda way, but which don’t support the liberal agenda and therefore are not mentioned in the mainstream media.”

Once you get the translation, you can read the Washington Post (or any other Demediacrat product) with a deeper understanding.

I don’t know about you, but here is a partial list of some of the things I’m largely unnoticing these days: President Obama’s all-new “jobs bill” stimulus is exactly like his many previous failed proposals… though it was supposed to be around 6.5 percent by now, and was never to climb above eight percent, U.S. unemployment (just the artificially-lowered number the government uses) has been 9-10 percent since 2009… we are loaning billions to Brazil for deep-water oil drilling while claiming it’s too environmentally-dangerous to do it ourselves… we’ve already spent trillions of borrowed bucks to stimulate the economy, and it has only made things worse… nobody dares start a business or try to build wealth in the new Era of Uncertainty… and, despite rock-solid promises three years ago, Gitmo is still open, gays still can’t marry, wind and solar still don’t power the nation and we still have thousands of troops in harm’s way.

I’m also largely unnoticing Sarah Palin, and the millions who adore her. I can’t help but largely unnotice that Rick Perry, that rascal right-winger, has shot to the top of the GOP polls even though he’s openly Christian. And, just last fall, I largely unnoticed that the Democrats had the biggest mid-term election loss in seventy years.

Can’t you just hear the disembodied voice of the Washington Post? “Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!” it thunders.

Yep. They’re all, like, nothing to see here, folks, move along. Move on, dot org! You will notice what we tell you to notice, and you’ll like it that way.


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