Yemen, Africa Crisis is Largest in the World, Aid Agencies Say

CAIRO, Egypt — Millions of people across several African countries and Yemen are in imminent danger of death from starvation and poverty-related diseases if help does not come soon, according to a group of international aid agencies.

The crisis in 10 countries including South Sudan, Yemen, Somalia and Nigeria is dire, with 20 million across the region at risk of starvation, according to the latest U.N. figures.

The situation in Yemen is being described as the “largest humanitarian crisis in the world,” with a total of 20.7 million people in that country alone — 10.3 million of which are children — in desperate need of help, according to figures from Save the Children.

Various bloody conflicts and terror organizations operating in the region have exacerbated the situation.

War in South Sudan is forcing people to flee to refugee camps where there is little food available. In Nigeria, where Boko Haram is fighting the government, much of the farmland has become inaccessible or too dangerous to farm.

In Yemen, cholera is ravaging the population at an alarming rate. The situation is caused largely by attacks on vital infrastructure, leading to diminished access to clean water, food, medical care and work.

Famine has not yet been officially declared, but aid agencies believe that by the time it is, it will already be too late. In a major push to avert complete disaster, eight U.S.-based relief agencies have joined forces to launch a two-week fundraising appeal.

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