Yamaha Music DeLIGHTS Wellness Program Inspires Seniors to Play the Keyboard Simply by Following Lighted Keys

Yamaha Music DeLIGHTS

“I’ve seen people moved to tears with this program. They had always wanted to make music but were afraid to try. Now, with Music DeLIGHTS, they are enhancing their lives and having a lot of fun at the same time,” said Paul Calvin vice president/general manager, Keyboard division, Yamaha.

Yamaha today officially introduced Music DeLIGHTS®, the nation’s first group music participation program to use linked portable keyboards to inspire musicians to play – instantly and effortlessly – thanks to the instruments’ lighted keys that guide their progress and performance.

Music DeLIGHTS represents an important milestone in the company’s ongoing development of evidenced based, recreational music making (RMM) programs, which provide fun, music-making experiences that have been scientifically proven to reduce stress. This new program is aimed primarily at the senior market, and is seeing early success at several assisted care facilities across the nation where group participants experience the joy of playing well-known favorite songs from the very first time they touch the keys.

While earlier Yamaha RMM programs required multiple units of the company’s larger Clavinova digital pianos, Music DeLIGHTS greatly expands the options by incorporating only one “teacher” Clavinova CVP705 digital piano connected to either 4, 8, 12 or 16 smaller Yamaha EZ220 keyboards for the students, creating the most portable, affordable and interactive package on the market today.

The heart of Music DeLIGHTS is patented technology that enables two-way communication between the Clavinova and the EZ220s via lighted keys powered by Yamaha SmartLIGHT®. When the teacher holds down any key on the teacher unit,…

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