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According to recent studies by National Cancer Institute, cigarettes are made up of about 600 ingredients and while burning they can generate up to 7000 chemicals. They were designed to help solders in war to release some of their tension but now days everyone is smoking them just for the short term pleasure and energy they boost you up with.

One of the main ingredients of cigarette is nicotine; within seconds of lighting up your cigarette it reaches your brain. It stimulates your central nervous system; it triggers the release of adrenaline, which boosts you with sudden but short lived energy and pleasure. As this effect fades away you end up craving for more and lighting up another and another cigarette. This is very addictive.

Weather you have just started smoking or a life time smoker, quitting is difficult. With the right game plan you can break this addiction. Eliminating your regular dose of nicotine will cause your body physical withdrawal symptoms like mood swings and more craving. To help you quit we have created a new app called XSmoking. With this app there is a chance for you to step out of this addiction.

With quit smoking app you are maximizing your probabilities to stop smoking. First all we need is to know about your smoking habits, and then this app will create you with a schedule based upon your habits. It is a totally user friendly app, but your support and will power is must. You should only light up a cigarette when this app rings and it will also count the time between your consecutive cigarettes. XSmoking app has many successful accomplishments till now.
XSmoking app is just like a lifesaver for those who are deep in their addiction of smoking. Smoking not just only costs your health but a lot of money too. Limiting your daily cigarettes will be your first step towards kicking the bud.

There are many such apps in market but our smoke free app is best out of them because of its success rate. Many people have successfully quit this habit with help from our app. But your strong will power is must. It can be difficult at starting but with your support and our schedule you will not be just quitting this habit but will be providing a helping hand in our Nobel cause of smoke free environment.

One third of all cancer deaths are due to smoking, the main reason behind it is that every single puff of cigarette damages your DNA. Due to damaged DNA your body starts creating out of control cells and over time it will wear down your immune system and cause cancer. Cancer is most deadly disease and can ruin your life permanently. With our app you have the best shot on quitting and leading a healthy lifestyle.

This XSmoking app is also a fun way for quitting as it provides user with achievements badges and motivational tips. So, are you ready to quit smoking? Download this smoke free app now.

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