Woman discovers she’s victim of ‘pull a pig’ joke after spending £350 on flights to meet man in Amsterdam

A young British woman says she’s been left heartbroken after she flew to Amsterdam to visit a man with whom she’d had a holiday romance, only to find out that he’d played a cruel trick on her.

24-year-old Sophie Stevenson met Dutchman Jesse Mateman, 21, in Barcelona earlier this summer, where the pair slept together and had what Stevenson calls a “proper romance”.

They had originally got to know each other in August, in the aftermath of the Barcelona terror attack.

Stevenson then spent £350 on flights to visit Mateman in Amsterdam, but he left her abandoned at the airport.

It wasn’t until six hours later that Stevenson found out via message that she’d been a victim of a “pull a pig” prank.

“You were pigged,” he wrote to her with two pig emojis, adding “It was all a joke.”

“Pulling a pig is where a guy tries to pull the fat, ugly girl. I felt sick,” Stevenson told The Sun.

She replied to his message, asking “How could you be so cruel though!” but Mateman took the mature step of blocking her on social media. 

Stevenson, a supervisor from Stoke, was understandably upset so changed her flights and flew back to the UK the next morning. 

“Pull a pig” is an incredibly cruel game that most people struggle to believe even exists.

It involves a group of men going out and trying to sleep with the woman they consider to be the least attractive – whoever ends up with the “ugliest” girl is the “winner.”

Naturally, people have responded to Stevenson’s tale with outrage.

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