Why Osprey Rucksacks are Perfect for You

If you’re looking for a new rucksack, have a look at Osprey rucksacks.  You are guaranteed to find one to perfectly meet your needs.  Osprey rucksacks are well known for their long-lasting functionality and versatility.  Many of the packs have recently had design updates, and many have features you won’t find on any other brand’s packs.  Osprey’s product lines, or series of packs is large, with both traditional hiking rucksacks as well as packs for other uses, such as bike commuting and traveling.

Osprey produces great packs for sure, but they are a great company as well.  Committed to sustainable adventuring, Osprey has screened the leave no trace principles into every bag.  Osprey is also committed to people and is involved in development work.  When you buy an Osprey pack you are supporting a company with great products and great principles.

Navigating Osprey’s large number of models can be daunting, so below is a summary of each outdoor adventure series including its uses:

•  Aura Series – hiking and backpacking rucksacks for women that feature a ventilated back panel and an easily adjustable hip belt and harness

•  Atmos Series – men’s version of the Aura series, adjustable and ventilated

•  Xenon Series – for serious backpackers, this woman’s series is customizable for a perfect fit

•  Argon Series – men’s series for serious backpackers, sturdy, rugged, and fully customizable

•  Ariel Series – lightweight for women’s hiking

•  Aether Series – men’s lightweight hiking series

•  Sirrus Series – ventilated women’s daypacks

•  Stratos Series – ventilated men’s daypacks

•  Sprint Series – pack for hiking and for everyday use desgned for kids

•  Talon Series – a very popular multifunction series which could be used for hiking, biking, and everyday use

•  Kestrel Series – streamlined multifunction rucksacks

•  Escapist Series – multifunction series with ventilation particularly good for mountain bikers

•  Exos Series – Super light packs great for day hikes and long hikes alike

•  Hornet Series – Super light series designed especially for adventure racers, ultra-runners, and peak baggers

•  Variant Series – suitable for rock climbing and alpine climbing

•  Mutant Series – lightweight packs for rock climbing

•  Kode Series – designed with the serious backcountry mountain biker in mind

•  Karve Series – perfect for side country mountain biking

•  Manta Series – hydration packs for day hiking

•  Raptor Series – hydration packs for mountain bikers and trail runners

•  Verve Series – women’s mountain biking and hiking hydration packs

•  Viper Series – men’s version of the Verve…

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