Why is John Fox risking Mitch Trubisky’s future in a game involving future Uber drivers?

I get by with a little snark from my friends:

Second overall draft choice Mitch Trubisky will start the Bears’ practice game against the Browns on Thursday night.

This is the practice game that doesn’t mean much.

Until someone gets injured.

Someone like, I don’t know, maybe the second overall draft choice.

Would John Fox do this if he had the same future with the Bears that Trubisky does?

I understand the desire to give Trubisky the experience of live snaps, but I don’t see the value of risking it in a game filled with guys who will be crazed to deliver a big hit that jumps out on video for 31 other teams before becoming someone’s Uber driver by this weekend.

Mike Glennon needs live snaps, too, people. He’s not very good and he’s new to this Bears operation, too. But there’s a reason Glennon isn’t playing. He’s the starter. He’s valuable. Well, he’s viewed as valuable by the Bears, anyway.

Wise up. Trubisky is valuable, too. More valuable than Glennon because he’s the future. He’s the hope that the Bears don’t turn out to be the Browns. If Trubisky gets hurt in a game filled with players who soon will be asking if you want fries with that, then someone will have to answer.

This is first-guessing, not second-guessing, and even if Trubisky survives, someone should still answer for why dead-end Mark Sanchez enjoyed better care by not playing in such a risky situation. Sanchez should be getting Thursday’s first half, followed by Connor Shaw. Or maybe even vice-versa. Either way, Fox failed Depth Chart 101.

I realize Trubisky could get hurt at anytime, even in a walk-through, which has been the house special under Fox. But you don’t need an actuary to assess this kind of risk.

Why is Fox allowed to do this? I’ll hang up and listen for Ryan Pace’s…

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