Why I Don’t Listen to Contemporary Christian Music for Entertainment


It’s Not Just Because I’m an Old Curmudgeon

After my post on why most people don’t sing in church anymore went viral, a fellow by the name of Ted Perlman shared it. I don’t think I’d ever heard of him, but apparently Mr. Perlman’s name is familiar in the music industry. Here is his impassioned yet inaccurate assessment of that post.

“I am sharing this article NOT because I agree with the author but because the tone of his article makes me so upset. I’m a new Christian and an old well traveled producer/musician. I’ve played guitar at churches ranging from the bumping throw down music at First AME Church in Los Angeles, the orchestral beautiful music at The Crystal Cathedral Hour of Power with Dr. Robert Schuller, to churches back in New York with Stephanie Mills and Whitney Houston. I’ve played, recorded and worked with Christian artists from Edwin Hawkins, Daryl Coley, CC Winans, James Ingram, Nichole C Mullen, etc. I have won producing awards ranging from Gospel Song of the Year to Gospel Album of the Year. I absolutely LOVE everything about Hillsong United. It is my dream to one day work with them on a new CD. Hillson brings the word of the Lord to a wider audience than ever before. Christian music is no longer a bunch of unsmiling White guys dressed in Sears Roebuck suits playing soft pianos, organs, and acoustic guitars. Singing hymns softly. Not playing music when the preacher is talking. Worship is just like it says in scripture “make a joyful noise!” The old White man who wrote this article makes me sick. I am sure he is the one sitting in services with too thick glasses holding his ears yearning for the “good old days”. He’s never been to a Black Church. He wouldn’t last five minutes. His choice of music to listen to in his car on his “nothing below 500k speakers” ranges from Karen Carpenter to recordings of Old 1960s era Billy Graham Crusade recordings. He turns the sound down on the TV commercials. He turns the bass down on the sound in his rental cars. He probably studied music but he can’t really play his Lowry organ at home. He’s never been to any rock concert with his kids of grandkids. He doesn’t know U2 is led by a serious believer. He truly hates modern country music and longs for the days of Patsy Cline and George Jones. Before Bluegrass on all those loud rock guitars and drums ruined country. He thinks Celine Dion and Barry Manilow are rock singers. Arghhhhhh!!!!!”

Well, Mr. Perlman, I am a white guy, but I’m not old. You’re actually old enough to be my father. I have been to a black church. In fact, I was at one several weeks ago for the funeral of a dear mentor and friend. And while the raucous choir and drums and B3 aren’t my all-time favorite combination, nobody could argue that their worship wasn’t the work of the people. My son doesn’t go to rock concerts. He’s only two. But I’ve gone with my wife and friends. The first place I drove myself after getting my…

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