Why award-winning singer-songwriter Cindy Alexander is performing at Different Roads Home’s Artstravaganza [Partner]

Singer Cindy Alexander knows it’s important to give back in a meaningful way — and not just by wearing a ribbon or sharing an article about activism. That’s why she’ll be performing at Artstravaganza!, presented by Different Roads Home on March 24 at Le Meridian HotelThe evening will feature local live entertainment and art to benefit the organization, which provides food, shelter and job opportunities for those who are HIV positive or living with AIDs.

Alexander, who’s going on her Play It Forward tour this year, talked with CharlotteFive about her most recent album, how she started with Different Roads Home and why it’s important to give back even when you feel you don’t have anything to give.

CharlotteFive: How did you get involved with Different Roads Home?

Cindy Alexander: I met Dale and Ed when they were standing outside of a Bacon Brothers show in Charlotte and I was the opening act. They were trying to catch a glimpse of Kevin Bacon, but they got me instead. After the show, they came up to talk to me and Dale told me about his charity and about the events he organized.

I came back about six months later and did a house concert, which was really a private show to support Different Roads Home. And I was very impressed by their dedication and sincerity. There’s so many out there who wear ribbons and talk about awareness, but they’re directly helping people in need.

C5: How much will you be singing from your latest album, Deep Waters?

CA: I have eight CDs, so I’ll probably touch on most of them, but I’ll definitely do many of the songs from Deep Waters. A new single has hit this month, the title song of the album. It’s a little bit of a shift in sound from my previous CDs, so it’ll be a fresh take on my previous work. Although my husband, my heartbeat, has played drums for the last few records.

C5: What are you hoping people get from your performance and Artstravaganza! in general?

CA: As artists,…

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