Why Are CVs So Hard To Write And Why CV Writing Can Be A Minefield

You have seen your perfect job and you think that you are the right person for it.  What next?  Write a CV and Covering Letter, send them in and wait for the reply.  How can you increase your chances when writing that CV or resume?

Why is it that when two similar candidates who apply for the same job, one is interviewed and one is not.  The answer can often be simply found by looking at the application or CV.  Many people may think that they are ideally suited for a particular position with all the necessary qualifications and experience but continue to fail at securing interviews.  More often than not a quick glance of the CV will tell all.  It is hard to effectively write about oneself and most people at poor at it.  Often people prefer to list qualities rather than write any tangible evidence of their achievements. This is a key failing.

The hiring manager must be able to see a direct correlation with what the candidate has done in the past and be able to see how this could benefit their company or team in the future.  Transferable skills are all well and good, but how will they improve the new company?  Does the CV show how the company will benefit the individual or the other way around?

There is a great deal of subtleties in the writing a good CV, and it is often best to get some expert advice.  A CV review is an extremely cost effective way to give your career a boost, with the potential annual income increasing substantially.  A well written CV can really have an impact on the career you find yourself in, and perhaps more importantly the options that you have available to you.  An excellent place to start would be the careers consultancy, Adducology.  Adducology, ‘the study of persuasion’ in Latin, have a range of career experts which have come from industry.  This makes them unique in having been experienced managers in industries such as accounting, IT and banking, and this is what sets Adducology…

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