Wholesale Property Depot Now Helping Landlords in Jacksonville, FL Quickly Sell Their Rental Properties

Wholesale Property Depot is now buying landlord’s rental properties from landlords in Jacksonville, Florida, and it doesn’t matter if the tenants took a great care of the space or if it is in desperate need of some TLC. It also doesn’t matter if the rental is still occupied. Wholesale Property Depot, a house buying company, can quickly handle in-place rental agreements.

Spokesperson Veronica Hernandez explains, “It’s not easy being a landlord! Especially when reality shows on Slice, and TLC show people quickly flipping houses and making a fortune with rentals. That’s television! In real life, there are mountains of paperwork, a property to constantly maintain, legal issues, landlord/tenant rights and the constant threat of an unruly tenant that can make your life a living nightmare. If you are retiring from being a landlord in Jacksonville, Florida for any reason – such as, it is time to stop working, you are tired of being a landlord, or you don’t have the ability and cash to repair a damaged property, Wholesale Property Depot is your solution. We buy properties in any condition. You don’t need to fix, repair or stage the home. Mold, cracked foundations, trashed by tenants, the smell of pets – we see past all that and see the home’s potential. Have renters in the suites? No problem. We are willing and able to work with that too. When you are ready to stop being a landlord, just call us to get a cash offer within 24 hours and close in as little as a week!”

“Most landlords rent properties to gain equity, but that’s a long-game strategy. A cash offer without having to spend any money on repairs and renovations is a viable solution when stepping away from an investment of this nature,” added…

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