Who Is Thelma Williams? Facebook Kidnapping ‘Victim’ Faked Abduction

An Ohio woman was arrested Thursday after she faked her own kidnapping. For days she posted on her own Facebook page pretending to be someone else, and then shared pictures and videos of her crying and gagged Wednesday.

“This is your Thelma,” the caption for the Wednesday post read. A concerned friend called 911 to alert authorities about the apparent kidnapping.

“They hacked her old Facebook account. It has video and a picture of her and it says that they have her and they’re going to kill her,” the 911 caller told a dispatcher, according to WLWT.

Authorities and a helicopter were dispatched to Williams’ house where they found her loosely bound and with ripped clothes. She told them the “kidnapper” recorded the video with her cellphone and posted it to her account. But things did add up and she ultimately confessed to making up the story.

“It appears she took the videos herself. We can actually see her waiting for it to come on so she can get her serious face on,” Butler County Sheriff Richard Jones told WLWT. “Then her story starts unraveling and then we find the story to be totally a fabrication.”

Williams, 38, took the video at a McDonald’s.

While Jones wanted Williams to be “prosecuted to the full extent of the law,” her daughter, Lorin Karol, didn’t think her mother deserved to be arrested. “If my mom made this up, it’s not for attention. It’s because she needs help, not because she needs to be behind bars,” she told the publication.

Williams hinted something was going to happen on her account a week before the phony abduction. “I own this account. I’ll do as I please. Fk all of you. Thelma Williams will pay for her mistakes,” she wrote September 18. “Do you think she’ll look pretty with her insides spilled all over the basement floor?” she added Sunday.

Hours before the kidnapping she wrote, “Do any of you know where your precious Thelma is? I do.”

The Butler County Sheriff’s Office took to Facebook to post…

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