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When my preteen daughter was staking out her independence from Mom, who knew nothing, she decided on a dream house polar opposite to her familiar surroundings.

“It’s going to be really big with beige walls,” Erin proclaimed, casting about a critical eye at our dinky and garish abode.

Fast-forward a dozen years. Erin now occupies an Austin loft crammed with every color that could possibly fit in its 600 square feet of space.

The kitchen boasts a mural of white magnolias bursting from their coral backdrop, courtesy of an artistic landlord.  The wall behind the bed is turquoise, and the bedspread a sunny yellow. The sofa is royal blue.

Best of all are the curtains. Each panel hanging over the pair of tall windows claims its own color – orange, teal, navy and gold.

“Do you think I was just a little influenced by you, Mom?” Erin rhetorically asked with a smile.

Yes. But her tastes will continue to metamorphose as other “influencers” catch her attention. Who knows? Maybe by the time she and her husband-to-be Jake can afford a house, Erin will lean toward neutrals again.

We all develop our personal preferences from a host of visual seducers along the way. For whatever reason, we click with a little something here and a little something there until all those inspirations blend to create a sense of aesthetics.

My own first, and forever, major influencer was Edwina.

Recent college graduates, my buddy Meg and I headed out from Texas for a “temporary” California adventure that, for me, continues. While apartment hunting, we stayed with family friends Tom and Edwina.

Edwina liberally sprinkled color throughout her lovely San Marino home. But it was the unassuming back bathroom that most impressed me. There, towels stacked on an open shelf created a vibrant rainbow.

I grew up in a house where towels unquestioningly matched…

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