Whicker: Dodgers in World Series: If not now, when?

As you’ve noticed, the Big Dodger In The Sky has been on sabbatical.

Last seen in the fall of 1988, the BDITS has left Dodgers fans (A) glumly watching someone else lift trophies and wear champagne goggles or (B) angrily bolting the sports bar, looking for the car and a Lakers schedule.

L.A. fans weren’t accustomed to this. The Dodgers won the World Series in their second year on the coast. They were legendary in the 1960s, powerful in the ’70s and inspirational in the ’80s, when they won their last two World Series.

But then they weren’t the Dodgers anymore. Renegade ownership, revolving managers, off-putting players, and yearly disappointment. Every team in the NL West has been to a World Series since the last time the Dodgers have, including the Diamondbacks and Rockies, who weren’t alive in 1988.

Now the BDITS is back and has loaded the deck.

The Dodgers arrive at the National League Championship Series in their most commanding position in years, even counting 1988. The teams will be roughly equal, but not their circumstances.

The Cubs and Nationals played in a cold Chicago rain Wednesday and then shipped to Washington on Thursday. The Cubs won a 4-hour, 38-minute clincher, 9-8, and will fly here on Friday and open the series Saturday. True, baseball players fly like Cabinet secretaries, but they also have body clocks like you and me. At some point adrenaline…

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