When Reality Exceeds Satire | By John Atcheson

About 30 years ago, I tried to write a Swiftian satire. Nothing heavy, my target was designer jeans, which had become popular even though they used cheaper, thinner material than old-fashioned Levis, but charged more than 3 or 4 times their price. Did I say popular? Stores couldn’t keep them in stock.

So I made up a designer product that I thought was the ultimate in absurdity – jeans that had been worn by real cowboys, complete with patches, rips, and stains – sold at four times the price of Levis.

I was explaining to my then teenage daughter how a satire is meant to expose people’s foibles using humor, exaggeration or irony. She informed me that this was already going on “for real,” as she put it. Turns out, she was right, but the price tag for these damaged jeans was actually five times what you’d pay for a pair of sturdy new Levis.

Sometimes, reality outraces our capacity for satire.

Well, the Trump White House, the Republican Congress, and the states controlled by Republicans – which includes most of them – are a lot like those cowboy jeans, except there’s nothing funny about it.

In fact, Swift himself would have a hard time keeping pace with these moral midgets.

The whole Washington scene resembles an adult version of a zombie apocalypse.

We can start with the White House where we’ve got Moochy, brought in to stabilize the place, running around like a coke-crazed meth freak stabbing his fellow White House staff in the back, and giving unhinged profanity-laced rants to staid magazines like the New Yorker. You’ve got people jumping ship – or getting pushed off — like rats from the Titanic with Priebus only the latest of 15 senior level departures from the Trump White House. Then there’s Trump himself doing a daily backstab on Jeff Sessions, in between tweets so completely psychotic you’d swear someone was making them up. Meanwhile, we’ve got a President who as a candidate, excoriated the revolving door between…

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