When God Said “I’ll Give You Something To Cry About”The Jewish Press | Jeff Dunetz | 8 Av 5777 – July 31, 2017

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Monday night July 31st begins Tisha B’ Av (literally the 9th of the Jewish month of Av). Since the time of Moses and the exodus-through modern times, horrible things have happened to the Jewish people on or around the 9th day of Av. Generally not recognized is the fact that the former President of the United States, Barack Obama has an eerie connection to this sad day (above and beyond the P5+1 deal).


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Tisha B’ Av is one of only two full days (27 hours)  fasts on the Jewish Calendar, the other being Yom Kippur.  Yom Kippur is considered a happy fast, the thought is that Jews are concentrating so hard on getting close to God that they couldn’t think of eating (trust me, even through we are concentrating hard by the afternoon we are thinking of eating). Tisha B’Av is a sad mournful fast. This is a day of great tragedy. While the day centers around the loss of the two Temples in Jerusalem, they are only two of the horrible things which have occurred on Judaism’s saddest day.

As a kid I would cry at the drop of the hat, my mom would tell me that if I continued to cry she would give me something real to cry about.  My Mom, however, wasn’t the first to use that phrase, it was God who invented it, and he invented it on Tisha B’Av.

When Moses sent twelve spies into Canaan, ten of them came back with a report that the land was unconquerable and the fledgling Israeli nation could never defeat those Canaanite giants. This report caused cries throughout the Israelite settlement, they begged Moses to take them back to Egypt.

It was just a short time after they witnessed all those miracles; the ten plagues that gave them freedom, the splitting of the Reed Sea, the…

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