What’s the key matchup vs. Vikings?

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Comment From Ray N

What a tremendous tackle football game. Is it my imagination or is GB far more effective at “closing” games this year and much improved in Red Zone efficiency? Granted, closing this one out required a dramatic 75 yard, 1:13 two minute drill with its own Red Zone drama, but feels different this year, certainly relative to first five games of last year…

I’m sure the Packers would have loved to close it out with their defense on the fourth-and-1 stop they thought they had, but you win games with whatever it takes.

Comment From Tom

With a non-goal line situation, with the runner stopped, the runner puts the ball forward and then on his own brings it back (Elliott,) awarding the forward position of the ball isn’t right. Do you agree?

I thought it was a highly questionable ruling, but I honestly don’t know what the rule is. I always thought forward progress was giving the offense the yardage before the defense pushed them back.

Comment From D

As the Packers prepare for both Bradford and Keenum at QB, what are the biggest challenges each man presents to the D?

Bradford has the bigger arm as far the long throws, but Keenum has been pretty efficient with the short stuff to Rudolph and the backs. Either way, stop the run first and make the QB beat you.

Comment From Johnny

How worried should we be about Jordy’s hamstring?

McCarthy said on Monday it’s not a hamstring, but he didn’t specify what it was. We’ll see if Nelson is listed on the injury report later today.

Comment From Allan

Hi Mike! I can’t help but wonder how different this game would be if Dalvin Cook were to play. Who becomes the strongest threat on the Vikings offense?

If Diggs is healthy, he’s dangerous, but he was slowed by a groin injury Monday night. Thielen had 200-plus yards at Lambeau last December. But I think Rudolph is as big a threat as the other two.

Comment From Cory

Which defensive player on the Vikings do you see as the most…

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