What you need to know about The Anthem, the massive new music venue at D.C.’s The Wharf

At Sunday’s soft opening of his new concert hall The Anthem, co-owner Seth Hurwitz had a message for the fans who had filed into the 57,000-square-foot building for a sneak preview. “Congratulations and welcome to your new venue here in D.C.,” he said. “I hope you enjoy it as much as we have building it and getting it ready for you.” Based on previews of the $60 million venue at The Wharf, Hurwitz shouldn’t have to worry about that. Here are seven things to know about D.C.’s newest musical attraction.

The Anthem, 901 Wharf St. SW; opens Thu.

The city doesn’t have anything else like it.
The space can hold as many as 6,000 people (about five times the capacity of 9:30 Club, which Hurwitz also co-owns) or as few as 2,500, thanks to a stage that moves and seats that can fill the floor for comedy shows and more intimate concerts. In many ways, The Anthem feels like a mix between a small club like 9:30, a larger theater like the Warner and a small arena. (The closest comparison is probably Echostage, which suits DJs better than live bands.) Fans of the 9:30 Club will notice a similar industrial look and charm to The Anthem and, despite its larger size, a similar intimacy on the floor. There are also two balconies above the floor with seats. Hurwitz says he’s wanted to build a venue like this for a long time — a space that can accommodate as many people as a small arena or convention center but was designed with music in mind. “Our goal is to make it the best music venue in the world of its size,” he says.

[Several openings at The Wharf are delayed. Here’s what to know before you go.]

There isn’t a bad spot.
The best seats in The Anthem are the 450 theater-style boxes that hang from both balconies. These so-called “Super Excellent Seats” cost more than a regular ticket and are angled to face the stage. The rest of the venue is general- admission standing, and…

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