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Before we get to our final BAR of the season and your questions, I want to say thank you for spending the season with us. Even covering a team that loses 90-plus games is fun, and it’s bittersweet when it ends.

Obviously, you won’t see as many Reds stories in the offseason, but we’ll be keeping tabs on things and writing over the course of the winter. We’ll also still have the podcast coming out every Wednesday, and will try to incorporate your Reds questions into that.

Have a good offseason, and let’s get to your questions.

This is tough to gauge. Of the guys whom the Reds might realistically trade, I’d probably put him second in trade value behind Raisel Iglesias. (And a distant second, at that.)

Here’s what’s going for him: Duvall has topped 30 homers each of the past two years, and can do that no matter what his average is. Homers have become cheap, but a recent analysis at FanGraphs showed the probable changes to the ball has not affected his power as much as it has others’. He plays good defense and he’s got four years of control left, which is perhaps his most attractive attribute.

Going against him: He’s already 29, so you figure he’s done with making huge leaps of improvement. He has a career .293 on-base…