What do we look at when it comes to Weaknesses and How Do We Overcome Them?

Most of us are aware of this fact that when the human body was made, it consisted of both negative and positive aspects. Most of the negative aspects come through the weakness of people. Many people react due to their weakness. We know for a fact that, nobody is perfect. A person can be good in some ways and has to be bad in few things. However, how many of us agree that we have a weakness. Every person in this world likes to show his or her strengths. But, how many of us like to tell our weakness to others. I understand there is a wide reason behind why people don’t like to tell their weakness to others, especially when you find a lot of people who try to step on others weakness and create a ladder for themselves. If we have to understand why and where the question about weakness arises? When we go for an interview, one of the most frequent questions that is asked by an interviewer is about weakness and strengths. However, the question arises just to know us better and so that we can work on our weaknesses. One of the theories state that the primary reason for weakness is caused due to the lack of self awareness.

There are many methods through which a person can develop on his weaknesses. The first and foremost thing is to examine yourself. It is extremely important for us to know what we are good at. It is not enough if we do it once or twice. This needs to be done periodically or regularly. Some of the experts have a time line while working on weaknesses. We can work on a particular weakness say for 3 months. For example, say a person gets angry very easily. He notices that he picks up fight with many people quite often and this is ruining his career. Hence the person while self examining himself, has to realize that he gets angry and that is his weakness. The person can decide for himself that he would not get angry with anyone for the next three months. He now needs to think about various methods to control his anger. Through this he can now try to control his anger using different methods. At the end of three months if he is able to control his anger, it means that he has overcome his weakness of getting angry and hence starts examining himself to work on his next.

Likewise, a person will have many things to work on. By following this method he can improve himself on each and every aspect that is required. There are various fields that one would find to work on. All these at the end of day would help him become a better individual. This is one of the ways through which great leaders have come into existence. However, this does not mean great people do not have weaknesses. The only difference is that while these people are able to overcome their weakness easily, the others are not that fast. That is one of the main concepts that keep them far ahead from others. Today, we can watch a lot of reality shows that feature on our television. I spend a lot of time watching these kinds of show on my television powered by Xfinity Deals during…

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