What Are The Famous Documentaries on World War 2?

World War Two played an important role in our history. This is by far the most devastating struggle that happened to mankind. A lot of lives were lost and most of them are innocent ones. Many people suffered a lot during this era. Lost lives, ruined properties and establishments and wasted money are the major damages caused by the World War two. Memories from the war will always remain and the trauma it caused to mankind will always be there.
Because of all the historic events that transpire during the war then a lot of directors and producers made documentaries on World War two. Some of these documentaries were made during or right after the war while others were just made recently. All the documentary versions about the World War 2 display its own perspectives of the war.
These documentaries are very important because they serve as a memory of what took place when the most dreadful struggle happened to mankind. This is also a good educational tool for the present and future generations so that it will be easier for them to understand and appreciate how significant World War two is in our history.
Since it is visual then many will appreciate what happened. Watching the documentaries will make you feel like you are in the exact scenario. It may sound a little bit off but that’s how it would feel like while viewing the different documentaries on World War 2. All the documentaries made are indeed informative according to how they perceive the war.
Listed below are the best documentaries on World War 2. These then documentaries are the most used and saleable in the market.
1. World at War: The Complete Set – This is a 32 hours interview and real footage what happened during the war. This is the best documentary made about the war.
2. Battlefield – This is a two, 6 hours chronicle about the war which includes some rare footage. Most of the time this is used as an educational tool.
3. World War II: The Lost Archives – Aside from its content the best part about this documentary is that it is in colour. The majority of the footage in this film took place in Europe and in the Pacific but the most touching part of the film is on the areas that were occupied by the Nazis.
4. Triumph of the Will – This is the best propaganda film of all times that showed a Nazi Party Rally during 1934 in Nuremberg, Germany. In this film you will deeply understand the Nazi culture and control.
5. The War – This documentary mainly showed the story of World War Two through the eyes of the Americans.
There are a lot good documentaries on World War 2 that you can watch which will definitely make you understand and be enlighten of the great impact the war caused.

You can view more documentaries on World War 2 and see how interesting these films are. Find out more about documentaries on World War 2 by visiting and discover other documentaries about the war.
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