We Care Solar Wins the $100,000 Drucker Prize

The Drucker Prize allowed us to reflect on our learnings and consider ways to continue innovating as an organization, giving voice to midwives, and support for mothers and babies around the world.

Today the Drucker Institute at Claremont Graduate University announced that We Care Solar is the winner of the 2017 Drucker Prize. The winner’s solar-powered suitcase provides lighting and electricity for nighttime obstetrical care in the developing world.

The Drucker Prize judges recognized We Care Solar’s impressive results, including the provision of life-saving labor and delivery procedures to nearly one million mothers and infants who would not otherwise have received them. The judges also recognized the organization’s promise to further leverage the discipline of innovation.

“At first glance, We Care Solar may appear to be a technology innovator,” said Zach First, Executive Director of the Drucker Institute. “But the thinking behind their solar-powered suitcase is first and always about the people who will use it. In fact, their greatest innovation may be in how well they identified and met what Peter Drucker called a ‘process need’—where the only thing standing between caregivers and those in need was a little more light.”

Dr. Laura Stachel, Executive Director and co-founder of We Care Solar, said that winning The Drucker Prize will help We Care Solar advocate for the right of all women to deliver safely in health facilities equipped with lighting and essential electricity. “We are deeply honored and humbled to be selected for the 2017 Drucker Prize from among so many outstanding finalists,” Stachel said.

Stachel added that the value of The Drucker Prize goes well beyond the $100,000 award: “Applying…

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