Washington responds to Anthony Scaramucci’s dismissal with laughter

When the White House announced the swift departure of Anthony Scaramucci from his role as communications director, the mood in Washington appeared almost jubilant.

Mr Scaramucci was dismissed from his role after only 10 days, after incoming Chief of Staff John Kelly reportedly requested his resignation.

The news was greeted by gasps, and then laughter, in the Senate press gallery, according to Bloomberg’s Shail Kapur. Journalist Dan Zak reported “audible laughter” in the Washington Post newsroom.

Mr Scaramucci had become somewhat of a comical figure in US politics after giving a profanity-laced interview with the New Yorker’s Ryan Lizza. The piece quickly became the magazine’s most-read of the year, and spawned countless online jokes.

The former communications director’s notably short term only added fuel to the fire.

“Thank you Anthony @Scaramucci for your service. I speak for a grateful nation when I say ‘has it really only been 11 days?!?’” Democratic Representative Adam Schiff joked on Twitter.

“To be fair, the ‘paid to do occasional cable television hits’ role was already filled by Conway and Gorka,” added former Obama official Ben Rhodes.

Even Republicans joined in on the mocking, with Republican Representative Justin Amash tweeting the emoji version of a shrug alongside a link to the news.

“Scaramucci came, he made America great again, and he left. He’s a fast worker!” joked conservative commentator and occasional Trump supporter Ann Coulter.

Republican Representative Carlos Curbelo struck a more serious tone, congratulating Mr Kelly on what many saw as his first victory as chief of staff.

“General Kelly is 1 for 1,” he wrote. “Let’s keep it going.”

Sam Stein, politics editor for the Daily Beast, attempted to drum up some sympathy for Mr Scaramucci….

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