Vulcan® Systems Delivers Thermal Desorption Unit to Eastern Canada

Thermal Desorption Unit in Eastern Canada

Vulcan® Systems, a leading supplier of thermal desorption technology, is currently delivering a thermal desorption system to Eastern Canada for use in remediating synthetic based drilling muds and drill cuttings from offshore drilling. Vulcan® Systems’ innovative technology cleans up contaminated drilling waste by removing and recovering the synthetic based drilling fluids. The recovered synthetic drilling fluids can be reformulated into new drilling muds and returned back to the offshore drilling platform for reuse. The residual solids and water are inert and can be beneficially reused.

Historically, diesel was used in drilling fluids for offshore drilling operations. The resulting waste found its way into the oceans, whether accidentally or purposefully, and led many petrochemical companies to look for an environmentally friendly solution. Synthetic drilling fluids are more ecologically friendly and have been widely adopted as the standard for use in offshore drilling. The primary disadvantage is the substantially higher costs for the fluids. These costs can be managed through the use of Vulcan® technology to recover the synthetic fluids for reformulation in new drilling muds.

Vulcan® Thermal Desorption Systems are provided as complete turnkey plants. Standard systems are available from one ton to 10 tons per hour capacities with options for systems up to five tons capable of being containerized or built on portable trailers. Vulcan® Systems’ innovative vapor ejector system separates the synthetic fluid from the water in the vapor phase, producing a high quality recovered synthetic oil for reuse.

Vulcan® Systems is proud to provide safe, clean technology for remediating…

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