VMworld 2017 Executive Briefing: VMware Modernizes Cloud Management

At this past VMworld 2017 I met with Darren Orzechowski, Senior Director Product and Technical Marketing for VMware and Pete Cruz, Group Manager, Product and Technical Marketing for VMware to talk about how VMware has been modernizing their cloud management platforms. We discussed the new VMware Cloud Services as well as the recent enhancements to the vRealize Operations, vRealize Automation and vRealize Business.

VMware Cloud Services provide modern cloud management

Announced during the VMworld 2017 day one keynote, VMware Cloud Services are a set of seven modern SaaS services designed to help you manage both your on-premise and cloud It infrastructures.  Orzechowski and Cruz explained that VMware Cloud Services provide a modern cloud-based approach for managing cloud usage, costs, network traffic, metrics monitoring, and analytics. VMware’s new AppDefense security offering is one of the primary services in the new SaaS suite. At this point VMware Cloud Services only runs on Amazon AWS.

vRealize Operations and vRealize Automation delivers operations automation on-premise and in the cloud

The vRealize Suite enables you to use the same tools to manage your VMware cloud and on-premise infrastructures. Refreshed this past June, the vRealize Suite enables you to complete the cloud infrastructure loop by adding cloud management, automation and cost analysis. vRealize Operations 6.6 analyzes real-time workloads and can suggest workload placement according to policies defined by the administrator. vRealize Automation 7.3 provides administrators with the ability to automatically provision VMs, storage, and networking resources across multiple private and hybrid cloud platforms. Orzechowski shared that most businesses start with vRealize Operations. Then at some point down the road management gets more complex and many…

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