Vladimir Putin, Venezuela, ‘Game of Thrones’: Your Monday Briefing

Some Republicans have cheered Mr. Kelly’s new role — and the ouster of his predecessor, Reince Priebus — even as they worry about a series of setbacks to President Trump’s agenda.


John Kelly, pictured in June, served as homeland security secretary before being named the new White House chief of staff.

Doug Mills/The New York Times

• How to repair Obamacare?

It would be tricky, but not impossible. We look at some options for stabilizing the insurance markets, lowering drug prices and expanding access to coverage.

• What’s North Korea doing?

Pyongyang’s nuclear program increases the risk of war and ensures continued sanctions. So what drives it?

One of our Interpreter columnists explains.

• Africa has a land problem.

Climate change, soil degradation and growing wealth are shrinking the amount of fertile land on the continent.

But the number of people who need it is rising fast.

• “The Daily,” your audio news report.

In today’s show, we discuss the day that one of our reporters spent with Immigration and Customs Enforcement officers in California.

Listen on a computer, an iOS device or an Android device.

Also, check out “The New Washington,” a new podcast from Michael Barbaro and the team behind “The Daily.”


• For years, American companies have saved money by hiring people in distant cubicle farms in India or other countries.

Today, some of those jobs are being outsourced again — in the U.S.

• Infighting among Uber’s board members has hindered the company’s search for a chief executive.

• Our media columnist visited Germany on the eve of an election to learn how the news media there might react to leaks of hacked data.

• The U.S. jobs report on Friday is among the top headlines to watch this…

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