We had such fun testing cheese bites, and looking at the “cheese cave” at the new cheese company north of Egg Harbor, the Door Artisan Cheese Company. It is a delicious neighborhood with Wood Orchard and its cherry treats across the road.

My grandkids loved taking the elevator down and looking in the windows. Our tour guide and cheesemaker explained the new cheeses that were aging and one is dipped in a chocolate wine. He is a local who grew up in Valmy, and one of the current cheeses is named Valmy. I haven’t tried the Glacier Restaurant that is located there yet. The day we were there, an art fair was on the grounds as part of the House and Garden walk.

One of the items I loved was a huge (6 feet or so diameter) fire bowl. Picture a ball that tall that has all kinds of patterns cut into the metal. I learned that Edgewood Orchards also carries these pieces. A fun activity is to walk the paths through their woods that is the sculpture garden. I like the huge animals, especially the mastodon that is located there.

Two of the cheesemakers were Peils. There will be a program on their family coming up. I knew Pete and Martha Peil Flaeschel and other members of that family years ago. Martha was so kind to us, bringing her homemade baby quilt gift for our first child, and Pete made her blocks and a rocking horse and a desk, and they were great neighbors. Later, in Girl Scouts, Christy Peil was one of the kids who came over to play and watched Rachel take her first steps. Now I enjoy Christy and Caleb’s beautiful gardens around the county and want to get my hands on some of the beautiful lilies they plant. (Check out the Top of the Hill shops in Fish Creek or On Deck for their gardens).

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