VinCheck.Info Launches No-Cost Alternative to Carfax Vehicle History Reports

VinCheck.Info’s mission is to make comprehensive vehicle history reports available to as many consumers as possible by offering these services for free.

VinCheck.Info, a new online vehicle research service, will be officially launched on August 1, 2017 to provide free vehicle history reports as an alternative to paid services from Carfax and its competitors. Both buyers and sellers can easily use the service to check records associated with a vehicle identification number (VIN), such as title records (including mileage), accident records, and potential title brands.

A vehicle history report provides information about a used car’s history in key areas relevant to a buyer’s purchase decision. Sellers may also offer it to boost their prospective customers’ confidence and to prove their commitment to giving full disclosure about a car’s history. The key to a car’s past is the VIN which identifies a particular car in registration documents, insurance records, sales records, and other transactions within the country. These events leave a paper trail that may indicate issues with the car’s value and safety.

Traditional vehicle history services are offering VIN reports for a price ranging from just under $10 to $40 for a single report. Carfax’s reports are the most popular, but they are also the most expensive. VinCheck.Info is breaking this traditional paywall around vehicle history by giving away the report with advertisers covering the cost.

Carfax and its competitors declare that they do not have a complete report for every vehicle, which is a limitation acknowledged across the industry as a whole. As vehicle history providers have different sources, the results for a specific car may vary between two or more vendors. Like consumers…

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