Vilma Santos on Nora Aunor in ‘T-Bird at Ako’: Our acting styles complement each other

Vilma Santos (left) and Nora Aunor in “T-Bird at Ako”

Stars come and go—but not Vilma Santos and Nora Aunor, whose enduring professional rivalry is as legendary as their remarkable reign as movie queens and topnotch actresses.

To celebrate their contributions to the local show biz industry, we urge moviegoers and film buffs to make a beeline for the crisply restored version of Danny Zialcita’s must-see 1982 drama, “T-Bird at Ako,” which began its revival run at SM Cinemas’ Cine Lokal outlets last Friday.

The film tells the story of sexy dancer Isabel (Santos), who’s accused of murder, and the relationship she forges with Sylvia (Aunor), the lesbian lawyer who comes to her rescue.

“Ate Guy and I had a great time shooting that movie. OK kami (we were on good terms), and it was a happy set,” recalled Ate Vi when we asked her last Friday to talk about how that exciting project went. “It was fun working with her. With Direk Danny guiding us, we would discuss the best way to execute our scenes together.”

But, it wasn’t all that difficult to convince the actresses to accept the movie, Vilma told us: “We both liked our characters kasi—because the roles assigned to us played well to our strengths as performers. Everybody knows that I express myself well via body language, while Guy is noted for her subdued portrayals. So, when we’re together, our acting styles complement each other, at lalong napapaganda ang eksena (and the scenes are better because of them)!

“Now more than ever, ‘T-Bird at Ako’ shows how timeless it is because its theme is as relevant as ever—napapanahon pa rin s’ya!”

The film is significant because of the rare opportunity to see the actresses’ much-discussed (and eagerly debated) acting styles, but just getting the Superstar and the Star for All Seasons to agree to share the spotlight with each other is a remarkable feat in itself.

Having said that, we hope “T-Bird at Ako” won’t be moviegoers’…

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