Viking Bank Launches New Website from LKCS

Viking Bank Home Page

From the moment I started working with LKCS, I knew it was going to be a positive experience. The response from our customers has been overwhelmingly positive.

Viking Bank, formally known as Viking Savings Bank, has recently made a great number of changes including rebranding the banks image. With its new name came a new look and a new state of the art location in January 2017. Now, Viking bank is excited to announce it has completed another major step in the rebranding process with the launch of their new website at

Viking Bank had their new state of the art physical branch but needed their website to follow suit to better serve its visitors. To accomplish this, more than just an update was needed, a complete redesign was required. After careful consideration, Viking Bank teamed up with LKCS, ( a nationally-renowned financial marketing agency, to build a new website that could effectively communicate Viking Bank’s new message and vision to their customers.

LKCS was challenged to design a website for Viking Bank with a clean look that improved brand identity while providing more intuitive navigation, a responsive design, and an easy-to-manage web development infrastructure for the bank’s marketing staff.

LKCS took this challenge and designed a brand new website for Viking Bank that exceeded their goals by addressing several other issues including ongoing site maintenance and ease of use. Viking Bank staff now have the ability to modify all website content, text, images, add or delete pages, automatically track content changes, and improve search engine optimization with ease and without any previous programming knowledge. These capabilities…

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