Verona sued for pregnancy discrimination

A sexual discrimination lawsuit has been filed against Polaris Guam dba Verona Resort and Spa. A former employee alleges that she was discriminated against because she was pregnant and later terminated.

Guam – Once thought to be a story of a bygone era, workplace discrimination on island continues, as a former Verona Resort and Spa Front Desk Agent has sued the hotel alleging she was fired in 2014 because she was pregnant.

The suit filed in District Court was originally filed, with the U.S Equal Employment Opportunity Commission which conducted an investigation into the allegations that Verona Resort and Spa over the course of about five months had denied the employee reasonable work accommodations and ultimately fired her because she was pregnant.  But that’s not all the Front Desk Agent also suffers from diabetes. Court documents state, in June 2014, she notified the hotel that she was pregnant. The employee worked as a Front Desk Agent which required her to remain on her feet for long periods of time. According to the EEOC, in October 2014, the employee also provided two doctor’s notes, one indicating that she had gestational diabetes, a condition which limited her ability to stand and another recommending that she be accommodated by allowing her to sit during parts of her shift and wear opened toed shoes.  But her request for a chair at the Front Desk was never provided. Instead she was transferred to work in the reservations department.

The EEOC states that just days after her request Verona Resort and Spa retaliated by terminating her employment citing that the employee’s pregnancy impacted her ability to perform her duties as the reason for the termination. Further labeling her request for reasonable accommodation as “problematic.”

According to the Commission this is in direct violation of equal employment opportunities and “were done with malice or with reckless indifference to the federally protected rights of the…

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