UW’s Chris Petersen on young defensive backs: ‘It’s time for them to shine’

Petersen says Huskies are back to square one on the first day of spring ball.

Here’s everything UW coach Chris Petersen had to say after the Huskies’ first spring practice Monday morning:

(on first day) “Spring ball is awesome. You know we’ve been away from it for a while and it’s always good to get back out there.”

(Using year as motivation but this is a different team) “Last year as motivation for what?”

(For this year to build off the Pac-12 title) “We don’t think like that. This is back to square one and our record has no relevance to what we did last year. Doesn’t matter if we won all of our games, didn’t win enough games. We go back to square one with everything we do. Heck, we didn’t run many plays out there today because we’re back to the basics. That’s how we always think with everything that we do.”

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(on limiting Jake Browning’s throws) “Long spring. We’re not trying to win spring ball. We’re trying to get guys ready to improve each day, so we’ve had this planned since right after the season, how we wanted to use him. So it’ll be a gradual buildup. He’ll do more than he did today, but the trainers and Coach Smith and all those guys have a very specific plan (for Browning).”

(on other QBs today) “I’ve gotta go watch the tape. I’m watching 17 other things besides those guys. I know you guys are fixated on (the QBs). So I don’t know, what did you think?”

(on young defensive backs) “There’s always going to be a (position) group on your team, if only one, that really needs to step (up). We’ve had an experienced group there the last couple years and the cycle of graduation hits you. So it’s an exciting time. It’s exciting for them. It’s exciting for us. It’s exciting for Coach Lake to see what he can do with these guys….

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