Unlock the Potential of an Untapped Talent Pool

Comprehensive Guide to Managing Employees with Autism

‘…a must read for any organization embarking on the neuro-diversity journey.’ – Michael Fieldhouse Dandelion Program Executive, DXC.technology Adjunct Professor Cyber Security, La Trobe University

Today 35% of eighteen year olds with an autism spectrum diagnosis (ASD) attend college, yet only 15% are finding and maintaining employment commensurate with their education and skill levels. Hiring college graduates with autism can benefit employees, employers, and companies, without incurring additional expense. Research released by the Bankwest Curtin Economic Centre in Australia shows this group of underutilized candidates performed at above average levels in attention to detail, work ethic, and quality of work. Attracting and retaining this untapped talent pool can provide a competitive advantage for employers, but it can be difficult for individuals with no formal training to manage these employees successfully.

To help employers successfully manage and retain employees on the autism spectrum, Integrate Autism Employment Advisors announces the publication, “An Employer’s Guide to Managing Professionals on the Autism Spectrum.” This book is designed to help managers and colleagues successfully interact with and support professionals on the autism spectrum to ensure mutual success.

“An Employer’s Guide to Managing Professionals on the Autism Spectrum” stands out for its comprehensive and contemporary presentation of information. Its delivery of crisp situational guidance makes it unique and especially useful in today’s competitive landscape, where employers are looking to tap into this unexplored talent pool. “I highly recommend this book to be not just…

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