Unique LED Menorah Motif by AQLighting

A symbol of light, wisdom and divine inspiration

The holidays are a perfect time to warm the hearts and souls of friends and family. Many people of faith hope to share their joy of belief during this season, but struggle to find an approach they are comfortable with. Surprisingly enough, the simplest way is sometimes best.

People who belong to the Jewish faith believe the menorah is a symbol for light, wisdom, and divine inspiration. According to their faith, it represents a miracle of God providing for his people during a time when they did not have enough to provide for themselves. With the holiday season on the horizon, what symbol would be better to decorate the home of a believer than an illuminated menorah?

With AQLighting’s latest release of unique LED menorah motifs, people who celebrate Hanukkah can deck their homes with light and faith. “This is quite possibly the most unique holiday lighting out on the market today. Not only is it perfect for decorating, it’s an absolute must have for any Jewish home during the holiday of Hanukkah,” said Mark Fisher, Senior Accountant at AQLighting.

Holiday lighting can be dated back to the 17th century. While some claim it represents the star of Bethlehem, and others believe it started with candles illuminating a Christmas tree to share the birth of Jesus, it is a tradition that has been shared across the nation. The true tradition may not have stemmed from any one act, but it has certainly evolved into a great visual spectacle today. Holiday lighting inspires entire blocks to work together to create Candy Cane Lanes – it could be said that the real benefit of lighting up our homes could simply be the bringing together of neighbors.

Lighting choices have come a long way from…

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