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Politico is Fake news

The propaganda from Politico is relentless.

@ QUENTIN ARIÈS. I think you need to reread the chapter about journalist ethics. You appear to be an EU activist masquerading as a journalist.

Posted on 7/29/17 | 6:10 PM CEST


The EU spin is to blame the UK for lack of progress in the Brexit talks. The UK came to negotiate. And that means finding the compromises that best suits both blocks. The big problems are that the EU currently seems incapable of compromise and the insistence on dealing with the divorce bill before discussing the future trade realtionship. If deciding the trade deal is supposed to be the hardest task, why do they leave this till last? There is nothing in the wording of Article 50 that says that the ordering should done like that. The daftness of the EU’s approach is highlighted in trying to address the Ireland/Norther Ireland border issue before the trade deal is discussed. The solution to the border issue will be entirely dependent on any trade deal. If there is no trade deal the EU will want a hard border to protect its customs union.
The ultimate reason for the lack of any progres is probably that the EU is waiting for the German election to be resolved, and is trying to blame the delay on the UK. They do not need to wait for the Italian election to be resolved because they don’t listen to the Italians.

Posted on 7/29/17 | 6:11 PM CEST

Colin M

A real news scoop this – “former Irish minister and custodian of the dreaded CAP slags off the Brits”

Politico – can we also have an update on the Pope’s religious inclinations?

Posted on 7/29/17 | 6:14 PM CEST

Sir Surname

This guy needs to wake up. It’s crystal clear what the Brits want from these negotiations and has been since the Lancaster House speech of January 2017. It’s the European Commission which is being delusional. Their 3 points are delusional. There cannot be any ECJ role after Brexit because…

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