UCP’s Brian Jean accuses Jason Kenney campaign of spreading lies – Edmonton

United Conservative Party leadership candidate Brian Jean on Wednesday accused Jason Kenney’s campaign team of spreading lies about him.

“My vision is a positive vision and I believe a positive vision is what most Albertans, including millennials, want,” Jean said during a UCP leadership debate in Fort McMurray.

“You see, they’re sick and tired of politicians lying about each other. In fact, right now there is a politician on this stage that his team is lying about me, lying about my Christian values, lying about my position on Bill 6 … even lying about other things.”

When asked after the debate about Jean’s remarks, Kenney said he had no idea what his opponent was talking about.

Jean confirmed after the debate he was referring to Kenney’s campaign. He said someone on Kenney’s team has also falsely alleged he is against gun owners.

“I don’t think anybody else has rifles here except for me,” Jean said. “I’ve had them most of my life.”

The format of the debate did not allow Kenney to offer an instant rebuttal.When asked afterwards about Jean’s allegations, Kenney said he had no idea what his opponent was talking about.

‘Campaign under stress’

Kenney said he has only criticized Jean for the deficit in the Wildrose caucus budget.

UCP leadership candidate Jason Kenney said he has no idea what Jean is talking about. (CBC )

“If he has a particular complaint about something, he should say what it is, but we’ve been running a positive campaign. I’m proud of that,” Kenney said.

He added that passively aggressively attacking an opponent is a form of negative campaigning.

“When you have campaigns under stress, they start being more aggressive and I suppose that’s what this is,” Kenney said.

Last month, LifeSite News, a social conservative, anti-abortion website, posted an article about Jean titled “Christians must not allow this man to lead Alberta’s new conservative party.”

The article criticized Jean for supporting gay pride and…

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