TruScribe Launch Revolutionary Whiteboard Animation Software “Squigl”

Squigl available now for iPhone, iPad and Android

Squigl is a revolutionary professional whiteboard animation software that requires no technical or creative experience, turning text into video in minutes. The video software market has exploded over the last 3 years. D-I-Y Applications address many stylistic needs, including animated cartoons, picture slideshows, and whiteboard videos. These tools are driven by professional video editing suites. While this is the right approach for helping professional video editors and graphic designers work faster, there is tremendous need for every day users to create effective whiteboard animated videos with ease and at an affordable price.

Squigl breaks the mold with a revolutionary new workflow. Unlike other systems that start with graphics and audio, Squigl starts with text. A user types, speaks, or pastes their script into the software and with a click of a button it can create a whiteboard animation video using a digital voice and automatically selecting animated Glyphs from an image library. Users have an abundance of text content that can now be transmogrified into video. An article, social post, email, training material, or memo is more engaging once you Squigl it.

Squigl is built around a video method called Scribology that combines principles of design and neuroscience to boost user attention and information retention. These principles shape the style of video output, as well as the software architecture and user interface. Squigl is a TruScribe company, and TruScribe developed this method over the last 5 years through the creation of thousands of videos for fortune 100 companies.

Squigl has been received with excitement by the user community. Organizations of all types are using Squigl to…

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