Trump: ‘There’s probably never been anything like’ Hurricane Harvey

President Donald Trump plans to visit Texas on Tuesday. | Alex Brandon/AP Photo

The president plans to visit Texas on Tuesday.


President Donald Trump promised Monday that Texas would quickly get new federal funding for relief efforts after Hurricane Harvey battered the region, saying during a joint news conference with President Sauli Niinistö of Finland that “there’s probably never been anything like” the storm.

Trump plans to visit Texas on Tuesday, and he said he hoped to return to the region the following weekend.

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Here are highlights from the news conference:

“There’s probably never been anything like this,” Trump said of the hurricane and its aftermath.

“I want to begin today by extending my thoughts and prayers for those affected by Hurricane Harvey and the catastrophe of flooding and all of the other difficulties that they’re currently going through in Houston, in southeast Texas and now, it’s looking like the state of Louisiana will also be affected,” Trump said in opening remarks.

• Texas will get federal funding despite his threats of a shutdown, Trump insisted.

“I think that you’re gonna see very rapid action from Congress, certainly from the president, and you’re gonna get your funding,” Trump told reporters. “We expect to have requests on our desk fairly soon and we think that Congress will feel very much the way I feel in a very bipartisan way. That would be nice. But we think you’re going to have what you need and it’s going to go fast.”

• “One way or the other, Mexico will…

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