Officials say the government and its partners are providing about 200,000 meals a day for more than 2 million people.
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President Trump took to Twitter on Thursday to warn that FEMA and the U.S. military can’t provide aid to hurricane-battered Puerto Rico “forever.”

Trump said Congress must decide how much money the federal government will spend and noted that “electric and all infrastructure was disaster before hurricanes.”

More than 80% of the island remains without power, three weeks after Maria slammed through the island — a Category 4 storm with sustained winds approaching 155 mph when it made landfall Sept. 20.

The storm devastated the island of more than 3 million people, and damage to ports, airports and roads conspired to slow aid efforts.

The president also quoted conservative talk show host Sharyl Attkisson as saying that Puerto Rico survived Hurricane Maria and now faces a financial crisis “of it’s own making.”

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Puerto Rico has been in recession for a decade. Facing more than $70 billion in debts, the island defaulted on its bonds and filed for the equivalent of bankruptcy in May. That has essentially locked Puerto Rico out of the bond market, leaving little room to borrow money for the rebuild.

Trump’s warning came a day after FEMA awarded the Puerto Rico water authority $70 million for emergency work, bringing the total amount of assistance awarded to individuals and communities to $210 million.

Maria hit within weeks of the powerful one-two punch to the U.S. mainland dealt by Hurricane Harvey, which laid waste to a swath of the Texas Gulf Coast, and Hurricane Irma, which hammered Florida so unrelentingly that most of the state lost power.

Those storms kept FEMA on full alert for weeks before Maria blasted Puerto…