Trump advisor Kellyanne Conway refuses to say if all White House staff will report directly to new Chief-of-Staff

A senior advisor to Donald Trump has refused to say whether she and all the staff in the White House will now report directly to the President’s new Chief-of-Staff.

Mr Trump announced he was replacing Reince Priebus with former four star John Kelly, amid anger over repeated leaks and stalled legislative process.

One of the issues, commentators said, was that Mr Priebus was unable to enforce the usual West Wing discipline in where various officials would report to him, rather than the president. Mr Trump’s Director of Communications, Anthony Scaramucci, one of those behind the move to push out Mr Priebus, bragged that he reported directly to the President.

On Sunday, Kellyanne Conway, a senior advisor to Mr Trump declined to say whether everyone in the White House would now report to Mr Kelly, when he starts in the new role this week.

Appearing on Fox News Sunday, Ms Conway was asked whether she would report directly to the former Marine general.

“I will do whatever the president and our new chief of staff, Gen Kelly, will ask me to do,” said Ms Conway. “I’m always a protocol-and-pecking-order kind of gal. I’m a very deferential person. I never addressed the President, even when he was a candidate – as close as we are, as boss and employee, I’ve never addressed him by his first name. I always address people like Gen Kelly as sir.”

When the anchor persisted with his question, asking whether she and Mr Scaramucci would follow the normal chain of command utilised by previous administrations, she said she looked forward to talking to Mr Kelly on Monday. She said she suspected Mr Scaramucci would have a similar conversation.

“I will speak with Gen Kelly and the President about that as, I’m sure, Anthony Scaramucci will,” she said.

To those living outside of Washington’s political bubble, Ms Conway’s comments may appear unremarkable. But administrations succeed or fail on the amount of discipline they are able to enforce on the various, competing…

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