Toys ‘R’ Us have launched a Christmas savings scheme that you can use now

The scheme allows families to put money away in the lead up to Christmas (Picture: Getty)

Parents strapped for cash after forking out for school uniforms have been given a helping hand ahead of Christmas.

Yes, we are aware it’s still only August – but it’s good to be prepared, especially where money is concerned.

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It’s still a few months until St Nick is due to pay a visit, but it’s always a good idea to stash away a few quid for when December creeps up on us.

With just 16 shopping weeks left until Christmas, Toys ‘R’ Us has launched their Take Time to Pay programme so parents can spread the cost.

The scheme allows families or single parents to save smaller amounts in the run up to the holidays, ensuring they do not end up in the red come New Year.

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Here’s how it works:

For a fee of £5, the scheme requires a 20% deposit to reserve desired Christmas presents, no ID or credit check will be required and no interest rates will be charged.

Shoppers fill out an application form and agree a date when the next payment is due to be paid.

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Toys ‘R’ Us is offering a few different payment schemes, but customers are able to pay off their items and pick them up within seven days at any time, without penalty.

If for any reason they need to cancel a purchases they will receive a full refund, minus a £10 cancellation fee.

Payments are expected to be made at least on a monthly basis, though it is possible to pay more frequently if preferred.

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Mike Coogan Toys ‘R’ Us Marketing & eCommerce Director said: ‘Take Time to Pay is a great programme and our customers have showed us they love it.

‘As well as allowing families to spread the cost of what can be a very expensive time of year, we are amused at the fact that parents find it a great way to hide away Christmas…

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