Toys ‘R’ Amazons? How The e-Commerce Giant Squashed The Once Prominent Retailer 10/11/2017

Twenty years ago, it seemed like every kid went to Toys R Us. The company had great branding, right? It was a destination for kids who wanted the latest toy or adults looking to buy gifts for
the younger demographic.

But like any business, retail has changed. Retail is now overwhelmingly digital, giving birth to websites like Amazon and forcing traditional
brick-and-mortar stores to rethink their business model. Sure, Toys R Us has a website. It actually looks pretty good, too. Fact is, though, that retail companies cannot rely on the type of
“destination branding” Toys R Us had in the 1990s. People don’t immediately go to websites when they shop. What do they do? They Google things they want to buy—making search
engine optimization vital to the survival of any retail business.

Toys R Us is weak on a very simple and basic SEO best practice—image alt tags.

Image Search



For toy products, Amazon, for example, is using an image alt tag that tells the search engine crawlers exactly what the image is in a clear and
concise manner—matching what a consumer would likely type in as a search query.


Toys R Us

Toys R Us is using a few of the keywords but in a much more cryptic manner. Search engine crawlers have no way of knowing what the image is as they can’t actually
see the image. Without a properly configured image alt tag, they tend to rank it far less favorably.

It seems like Toys R Us is using a map to find its
way even though a GPS is available. Successful online retailers like Amazon stand at the forefront of SEO practice.

There are various other factors that go into organic image
search rankings but the image alt tag is arguably the most important one. Fail there and the other efforts usually can’t save you—especially when competing with e-commerce giants like
Amazon. Amazon plays the game the right way. If other retailers don’t, they’ll be left behind. 

Web Search

Toys R Us outranks Amazon
for a ton of great…

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