Top 3 things to look for in a Marine Battery Charger

Can you imagine being out in the middle of nowhere on your boat and your just drifting along and relaxing and then you decide it is time to head back to shore but you realize that your battery is dead or let’s say you haven’t even left the dock yet but you have your family and friends waiting anxiously for you to start and when you try and your battery is dead. Although one of these scenarios is worse than the other neither one of them is convenient. This is why you should never be without a Marine Battery Charger. With one of these onboard you’re sure to have the security and confidence of not being stranded no matter what your plans may be.

While these types of Chargers are not expensive, and you can buy one just about anywhere, be sure to do your due diligence and shop around. Make sure that it has some of the following characteristics as not all Marine Battery Chargers are alike. The following are some questions you should ask yourself when looking for a charger for your boat

1. Is it interactive – The leading cause of death of a battery is charging the battery excessively and the second is not charging it enough. You need to look for a Marine Battery Charger that will do neither, automatically. You should look for a charger that is 20% of the Ah capacity of the battery you need charging. Ah is the expression in ampere-hours it stands for the capacity available of a cell/battery. This can be confusing and it will take some simple math to figure out what size charger to get. Make sure you know your battery before buying a charger, for example if you had a 200 Ah battery then take 20% of 200, which is 40 then you need to look for a 40 ADC charger. This will make your battery reach its full capacity in about 3.5 hours and if you can’t find a 40 ADC charger don’t worry, just do the math and go from there.

I don’t know about you but this entire math made my head hurt. To avoid the headache of this and taking a chance that your battery dies an early death I would just try to buy a fully interactive charger that will do this adjusting for you and tell you when your battery is charged. I would look for a charger that has some safety features to protect you, your battery, and the charger itself. Included are built-in protections against reverse polarity, short circuits, open circuits, sparks, overheating, overcurrent, overcharging, and abnormalities. These Marine Battery Chargers offer intelligence to alter the battery-charging process so you don’t have to. You just plug in the on-board battery charger and forget about your batteries.

2. Is it waterproof – Now this might seem like a no brainer but you would be surprised how many manufacturers out there that sell a charger that isn’t, so you need to make sure that the housing of the marine battery charger is fully sealed making it waterproof. This type of housing makes it well suited for the harsh environments that can be found on board so you need to…

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